Monday, April 1, 2013

A guide to a beginner in entrepreneurship

Yay! I just got this guide book about how to start your own business. 

"The ABC to start your own business"
The book has lots of important info about entrepreneurship and founding your own company, making your own business plan, pricing your products, risks, marketing, finance, insurances, taxes, accounting..... Everything you need to know about entrepreneurship! So, I'd better start reading it! :D Even though it will take about 1-2 years until I can start my own business.

I was checking my study credits the other day and I realised something that made me very glad: It may be that I will graduate in time after all!!! O_O At first, I thought I will graduate in spring 2015 because I was a bit left behind in my studies at one point. But seems like I have worked pretty hard this semester because if everything goes as planned, I will have A LOT of credits after summer! So maybe I can graduate at the same time as my friends, in spring 2014. Or at least on Christmas 2014! 

My plan is to start my own business as soon as I have graduated. I'm going to found a clothing shop of alternative fashion. At first I was sure I want to have this big clothing shop and an Internet store. But then I made these profitability calculations and the numbers were fucking SCARY. I would need a loan of 100 000 €, and if the shop doesn't pay off, I would be in a bankrupt veeery fast (which could be very possible for an alternative clothing shop). Not good. So, I talked about things with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends who are or have been entrepreneurs, and they all suggested that I would start with an Internet store only. I started thinking about this, and made the calculations again with this plan, and the numbers were a lot better. Instead of this 100 000 € monster loan I would "only" need a loan of 15-20 000 €. If the shop starts to pay off very well, I can always found the actual store later.

I was a bit sad though, because I really enjoy selling clothes to people face to face. With an internet store I can't do that. But oh well, I can always go to fairs and all kinds of happenings to sell my products ^^ Gahh, I wish I could graduate already... At the same time, I'm very scared and excited :D


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