Monday, April 1, 2013

Relationship thingies

Your and your boyfriend's names?
Krista and Joni ^^

Cuddling kills my eyebrows XDDD

In what season did you start being together?

Who suggested having a relationship?
:D I did. Crying and screaming.

For how long have you been together?
A year <3

How many serious relationships have you had before him?
He is:
[x] Dark haired
[ ] Blonde
[ ] Red haired
[ ] Bald

[ ] 150 - 160 cm
[ ] 161 - 170 cm
[x] 171 - 180 cm 
I don't know his actual hight, we are pretty much the same height. I'm 171cm, he's either as tall as me or 1cm shorter.
[ ] 181 - 190 cm
[ ] Taller

Does he have brothers or sisters?
A brother

How often do you see each other?
Every 3 weeks, approx.

He's my Super Meat Boy and I'm his Bandage Girl <3 I made these for us, he has the Super Meat Boy in Seinäjoki, and I have Bandage girl here in JKL :D Some day, they will reunite <3

Have you spent the night together?

What does he call you?
Krista, Derpetta, R-Tard, Buttwipe, Baby, Purrball, Stressball.... :DDDD

Do you go to the movies often?
Sometimes ^^

How about out to dinner?
Very often! But mostly we eat fast food 'cos we are so poor XD But sometimes we go to a bit fancier places ^^

You ages?
22 and 23

What is the longest time you haven't seen each other?
A month

What are his friends like? Are they friends with your friends?
They're cool! I haven't met a friend of his who I wouldn't like ^^ 
oh Hell no XDDDDDDD

For how long do you think your relationship is gonna last?
I hope it lasts forever o_O I'm tired of spending my time with people who I don't have a future with. I honestly think that this will be my last relationship ever.

Are you happy?
No. Not yet. (It's not his fault!! Don't get me wrong :DDD)

What are his hobbies?
Kendo, airsoft, Magic the Gathering, wrestling, painting miniatures, video games...

Do you do sports together?
Kendo! ^^

What would be the best Christmas present for him?
[ ] Perfume
[ ] Satin boxers 
Normal boxers! Not satin @___@
[XXX]Video games
[ ] Something handmade

Did he buy you any Christmas presents last year?
YES <3 A Hello Kitty -painting, Hello Kitty -hat, and a Fruit Ninja -plushie!!! <3

Can he draw?

Do you spend more time at his or your place?
his -___-;;
 Are you at the same school?
Not anymore, but we used to be!

Have you met his parents? What do you think of them?
Yes I have. I was very excited to meet his parents. Until I heard that they hate my parents, which means they don't like me either... It made me very upset but I just have to live with it.

Do you have a similar taste in music?
Yes and no :D

What's the most important thing i your relationship?
To have similar future plans.

Do you guys drink?
:D sometimes

Which one of you has a longer last name?
He does.

Is his room messier than yours?

Have you dreamt of a future together?
I guess

XDDDD relaxing evening at home. Don't ask....

If you would have a baby boy and you could decide the name, what would it be?
I have always had this dream about having 3 children. If they're going to be all boys, I would like to name them after the three arch angels: Mikael, Gabriel and Rafael. So, I would pick some of these names.

Have you ever been on a break?

Have your and his father met?

You like to spend your time doing:
[ ] Golf
[ ] Sports
[x] Hanging out, just the two of us, doing nothing special.
[x] Spending time on the Internet 

If he died, for how long would it take until you would be ok again?
Let me tell you this: I would be tied up in a straightjacket in a soft room. Now, if you ask me that again, I will kill you.

Do you love him?


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