Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kubo-sensei in JKL

In March 21-22 we had a Japanese teacher at our kendo practise! I was so. fucking. DEAD after the practise @___@ It was tough :D very. 

Kubo arrived in Jyväskylä on Thursday, and the first practise was in the evening. I was so nervous that I wanted to throw up x___x As I have told, I tend to feel sick during practise very easily, so I kept thinking "How the hell am I going to survive THREE HOUR practise if I'm nearly fainting at the normal 1½-hour training"... Luckily, I stayed alive and was practising the entire time!! I had eaten very well and I drank a lot of water so it was ok. 

On Friday I went to have lunch with the sensei and a couple of kendo-friends. We had lunch at the university and after that Jussi (our kendo coach) decided that Kubo-sensei needs a hair cut XDDDD so uh... yeah. We went to the hair dresser. In the evening we had another practise, which didn't go that well >___< I was having a bad day, and my feet were KILLING ME because of the previous practise... Luckily, after the practise we went to have a very nice dinner to a restaurant called Jalo. The food was amazing @____@ Very lovely. I must go there with my boyfriend some time as well *___* After the dinner, we went to a friend's place to spend the evening, but I was so dead tired that I went home after an hour... x___x

Here is a picture of our kendo-group with the sensei ^^


The next two days: pain, pain, PAIN. My feet hurt so much that I couldn't walk properly. Seriously, I looked like a woman who had been raped in the ass.... My god. My boyfriend was laughing his ass off ;___; He's a physiotherapist and a massager, so he took care of my legs. And it hurt even more. I was actually crying when he was "healing" my legs... He put some of this kinesthesic tape in my legs afterwards so my legs looked like this:


The practises with Kubo-sensei were painful, but worth it :D