Saturday, March 2, 2013


I was watching my boyfriend's kendo practise yesterday and I decided to take and share a few pictures of his jigeiko (a battle) with his trainer. Enjoy!

mmmmm, look at my baby fight *-* <3 (He is the one without the white text in his hakama (=the "skirt" trousers XD))

I could have practised myself as well, but I decided not to 'cos I didn't have my own shinai and hakama with me. Since I bought my own geer I don't want to borrow stuff from anyone anymore :DDD What a lame reason not to practise... -_____-;; 

I really need to step it up with kendo, starting on Monday!!! >8( I have to take a lot of water and small snacks to the practise so I can eat them when I start to feel sick (I know I will). That's why I haven't been practising in two weeks 'cos I start to feel nauseous during hard training. Because of my under weight. Argh. So... munching time for Krista at the practise!! \o/ Usually it's not allowed to bring foog or drinks to the practising area, but my trainer knows about my condition so he has let me to do what I want with them. Which is very fair I think. Not sure what other people think about it but I really can't help it. I feel very embarrassed and annoyed about it as well...

After the practice we had After Kendo at some local bar. We had so much fun! I finally got to meet one of Joni's best friends which was very nice 'cos I have heard so much about him! And his training buddies are very funny and nice as well! What an awesome evening that was ^^

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