Monday, March 18, 2013

Lovely weekend with lovely people

I had such a nice weekend *___* <3 Two of my very good friends, Saku and Miso, came to visit me for the weekend! It meant so much to me, because I don't get visitors that often, it's usually me who visits people. So it was very nice for a change ^^ And it meant a lot for me expecially because Saku is a person who doesn't like to leave his house at all XD But he came to visit meeee <3 yay!

They arrived pretty late on Friday, about 10pm, so we didn't do much on Friday :D Just watched some TV and played with my ratty-girls ^^ There was this movie on TV that sounded very interesting so I wanted to watch it, but we all fell asleep in the middle of the movie XDDD

On Saturday, we went to the city centre to "shopping". Neither of us had any money for that XD I did see sooo many lovely clothes but I couldn't afford them ;__; boohoo. After we had checked the clothing shops etc, and eaten in McDonald's we went to the super market and liquor store :D We planned to make tortillas and chocolate cupcakes *-* omnomnom.

When we got home, Miso was a lovely honeyboo and washed my dishes *______* Everything was so tidy and nice <3 ....for the next 30 minutes. Then we started cooking and baking XDDD Now the mess is the same as in the beginning...

I did help him! XD

This is my face when I look at my closets and find random shit that shouldn't be there XD

When Miso was done, we made the tortillas, they were goooood <3 nomnom. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of those.. But meh, I think you guys know what tortillas look like? :DD After that, we started baking. Everything went very well while making the dough, but when the cupcakes came out from the oven.... They had totally failed ;;________;;!!! They became flat, and were hollow! Fuck that shit, I will never use that recipe again....... We tried to make them look nice with frosting but it didn't really help 'cos we didn't have enough frosting XDDDDDD so uh... yeah. We failed the cupcakes.

nomnom dough!

One of our very few pretty cupcakes XD The rest were just.... retarded.
The cupcake episode was so stressful that we decided to start drinking after that. Lol :D We had a very nice evening! <3

Ever since I saw this Rage Comics -themed drinking game I fell deeply in love with it! Unfortunately, I don't own a printer so I haven't been able to play it with my friends. But now, me, Miso and Saku put our goofy heads together and had a great idea! We cut some pieces of different colored cardboards and put some Blu Tack behind them. Saku had dice in his cell phone so TA-DAH! We were able to play it on my computer screen XDDD We so genius <3

I was supposed to tell a joke but I couldn't remember any so I just took one of my 53795 joke books and read it :D

My pink drink! *-* UFO-Shot and sparkly water. mmmmmmmm...

Saguuuuu <3


We realized that we didn't have a picture of us three, so now we took one! ^^ <3 Saku's fake smile is so pwettyyyyyy!

We so serious.

Or not XD

hurrdurrrr part 2 :D


Something was very interesting but I have no idea what XDDD

Hahaha, we had so much fun XDD <3 Miso passed out at 1am or something. The poor thing talks while he sleeps so we kinda teased him a bit XDDD It was so hilarious. Me and Saku stayed up until 3 or 4am, talking about all kinds of things. Mainly about sex :DDD Damn, he made me realize that I'm a very conservative and strict person when it comes to sex O__O I'm gonna save you guys from the details though XDDD

I'm gonna see these two lovely oddballs again in two weeks, Can't wait!! <3

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