Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random shizzit

Random bullshit, again!! yaaaay :D I'm bored.... Here's a quiz I got from my friend Liisa as a blog challenge last summer. But because I wasn't blogging that time, I never did it. Now I'm just doing it for fun :DD It's translated in English again.
[x] I have eyeglasses.
[x] I'm blonde. 
[x] I know at least one namesake of mine.
[ ] I know where Kälviä is.
[ ] I'm bilingual. I wish I was -___-;;
[x] I'm addicted to the Internet.
[ ]I'm addicted to lip-balm.
[ ] I'm the only child.
[x] I have long hair. 
[ ] I'm bald and hairless.  My boyfriend says so though XDDD
[x] I have dust balls under my bed. Looooots of them @____@
[ ] I live in my own apartment.
[x] I live with roommates. Actually my roommate just moved away but oh well :DD
[x] I'm in a relationship.

[x] I'm a huge fan of at least one band. 
Slipknot <3
[ ] I've read all the Harry Potter books. pffffffffft :DDD

[x]  I love Johnny Depp!
[ ] No, Leonardo DiCaprio is the best! He's ok though o_O

mmmmmm yessss <3<3<3

[ ] I hate pea-soup.
[ ] My lucky number is 5. meh. 13 <3
[x] I have had a crush on my teacher.
[ ] I have a blue mouse.
[ ] I have a black dog.
[x] I don't know if I have a mouse or a dog. o_____O
[x] I don't always have the energy to do my homework. NEVER :D
[ ] I used to get my best grades of Behaviour.
[ ] I drink many litres in a day. Drink what? Well, what ever that is, I don't drink enough >___<
[ ] I like milk.
[x] I'm allergic to animals. Rats.... It breaks my heart.
[x] I'm allergic to foods. Pretty much all the vegetables and fruits -____-;; APPLE is the worst, which makes me very sad 'cos I love apples ;;_______;;
[ ] I should be at school atm. It's 11pm... :D
[ ] This is stupid.
[x] It's dark outside.
[ ] I'm afraid of the dark.
[ ] One of my parents is dead.
[x] I don't have an aquarium.
[ ] I have a big house.
[ ] I live in my own house.
[x] I live in an apartment building.
[ ] I live in a row house.
[ ] I drink coffee.
[ ] I like coffee. But if it has whiskey in it, then I do! 8D

[x] I know where Ähtäri is.
[x] I have been to Ähtäri.
[ ] Ähtäri is nice.
[ ] I live in Ähtäri.
[ ] Someone I know lives in Ähtäri.
[ ] I have no fucking clue where or what is Ähtäri.

[x] I have a laptop.
[x] And a webcam!
[?] I don't know how to use coffee.
[x] I was raised very strictly.
[ ] I'm addicted to duffel.
[ ] There's nothing more beautiful than the weather after a storm. Yeah there is.
[x] I'm annoyed by "The End" -texts after the movies.
[x] There are beautiful plates in my closet. I like my plates *-*
[ ] My family roots come from the abroad.
[ ] Paintings are ugly.
[ ] I have never watched the end credits to the end.
[x] I like American Pie -movies. XD so epic.

[ ] This is the longest X-quiz I've ever made. It feels very long 'cos I translated it :D But I think it's not.
[x] This is the most stupid X-quiz I've ever made. Ähtäri....... For real? I can only imagine how "WTF" my foreign friends are XD
[x] I have a digital camera.
[/] I drink tea. When I'm sick.
[ ] Green tea is the best.
[x] I like The Sims. YES <3
[ ] I have The Sims 2.
[ ] I'm addicted to it, I play it every day.
[ ] I often buy random junk. No fucking way. I have way too much stuff in my apartment @___@
[ ] I would never wear quilted trousers.
[x] I have a rat. Two! <3
[x] I have held a rat.
[ ] Rats are disgusting. NEVER >8((((

banana-time <3
boo! XD
[ ] I'm in a hurry. .....would I be doing this if I was??
[ ] Everyone else is sleeping. who?
[ ] I love mornings.
[x] Nope, I love evenings.
[ ] Nothing can make me look beautiful.
[x] I have been called beautiful.
[x] My stomach hurts.
[x] I'm not going to school today. 11pm people!
[ ] Feel sorry for me!!! o_O No need for that.
[ ] I have a brother and a sister.
[ ] I'm the middle-child.
[ ] I have a little sister! I AM the little sister...
[ ] I have over 20 cousins.
[x] I don't know how many second cousins I have.
[x] But I do know there are a lot of them!
[ ] I don't have friends, I'm so sad!!
[ ] I like grammar.
[x] I'm good at grammar.
[?] I noticed many grammar mistakes in this quiz! My English isn't perfect... :D
[x] I have talked on the phone today.

[ ] I'm a nice person.
[ ] I bet I am.
[ ] Don't you dare argue!!

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