Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sister, the stars shine bright

 Damn, the weekend went fast. My sister visited me and we had so much fun! She arrived in the evening and we went to the supermarket to get some food. Heidi bought herself sushi (*shivers* I hate sushi) and I ate frozen pizza :DDD And omg, we found HelloKitty-popsicles!! omnomnom. The package also included two fake tattoos, so cute :DDD too bad I don't have that much use for them 'cos I prefer having my real tattoos, lol. Maybe I will give them to some kid.

Hello Kitty popsicles!! *-*

Heidi and her sushi. blergh.

On Saturday I woke up at 10am or so, and Heidi made us breakfast! Bacon and eggs, omnomnom. Lol, my breakfast looked like a children's portion because of the small amount of food and the HelloKitty cup XDD

 After breakfast we went to the city centre. Neither of us felt like shopping, but we had other things to do: to get my tattoo and go to Amarillo to eat!!

sisters <3
Smokey chicken and bacon burger

This is what I ate in Amarillo. Smokey chicken and bacon burger, it was so goooood. I was also very happy 'cos I was able to get a large pineapple juice with it *___* Not so many restaurants have that! I go crazy about juices, seriously :DD I drink them a lot. Maybe too much actually.. x____x 

I also took a dessert but I forgot to take a picture of it ;____;!! Goddammit. I ate whiskey ice cream with caramel sauce and chocolate cake bits. Oh my god it was good.....  Even my sister liked the ice cream! She doesn't like whiskey at all :DD I love whiskey and everything with it @___@ Like, coffee. I normally don't drink coffee, but I love Irish Coffee :DDD  

And here are my new babies <3 The star tattoos. The story behind these is that my aunt, who passed away in 2005, used to have these kind of stars all over her body. She had some other tattoos as well, but the stars I remember the best. I was always looking at them when I was younger. So now, I wanted to take the same stars as well. I love her, and miss her so much <3 

We also watched two movies, Madagascar 3 and We need to talk about Kevin. My sister didn't like the Madagascar but I think it was nice and cute :D But I do have to say that the two previous ones were better.

The other movie, the Kevin-thingie, was about a boy who caused a school massacre. It's not based on real events but it's based on some novel. My sister had tried to read the book but she couldn't read it to the end 'cos it was so agitating and depressing and sad :DDD So we watched the movie. It was.... heavy. The story was told from the mother's point of view, how he raised the child. She had a difficult relationship with him from the very beginning. The movie proceeded pretty slowly, but it was still interesting. And the ending was just terrible... Since the school shooting in my home town, I've felt very agitated about school massacres, so the movie had a pretty strong impact in me. And the guy who played Kevin, was awesome. He was so excellent at playing an emotionless lunatic. whoah... So yeah, I really recommend watching it!!! 

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