Wednesday, February 20, 2013


yayyyy! I have finally finished the first product of my ETSY-SHOP!! A pink, Kawaii Kitty-scarf. Damn, it was a lot of work -___-;; 170 cm of thin acryl yarn with a small hook. Argh. I'm so happy it's finished :D

I think it turned out pretty cute :DDD I have been dreaming about selling my crafts to people for a while but I just haven't had the courage and the energy to make products. But now I have started to enjoy crocheting again, so I'm gonna make more products ^^ Many people have given me very nice comments about my crafts, and some people have told me that I should be selling these. So, now I will! :D

It's gonna be a bit challenge though... It's gonna take a long time until my shop is proper so people will find it and will be interested in my products. .....if they will >__< Oh well, I still want to try. All the shop policies and infos are still pretty lame and short, I will try to make them better soon. Actually, it's pretty hard for me to write shop policies and important infos @___@ Thank god Etsy has some Seller's Handbook to make the shop better :DD I will need it...

So, if you fell in love with the scarf, Buy it! NOW.