Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kisses and broken stuff

Just a small post of my babies <3 I was taking pictures of Ada giving me kisses :DDD I had eaten ice cream so she almost nom'd my face off XDDD


XD poor thing looks uncomfortable 'cos I could hold her with only one hand.

In the pictures below, Adele is in her own element -___-;; She's trying to destroy my bag and today when I was checking my cosmetics for a new shower gel, I realized that she had bitten a hole to my 100% LIQUID make-up remover. I was holding it in my hands and: *drip drip drip*. Thanks Adele. She has also eaten most of my lotions and shampoos and even one nose spray XDDD Of course I have always taken them away from her, it's not that healthy to eat them @___@ oh and, I found two new holes in my sheets as well!

Lol, I had to wrap a plastic bag to the bottom 'cos I still want to use it :DDDDD
My little destroyers <3


  1. Awww those kissy pictures were so cute :D<3

  2. they are soo cute! *__* none of my stuff are safe from the destroyers either :D my first rat made herself a "lovely" window in my favoutire t-shirt >:/

    1. XDDD lol. My rats don't eat my clothes (I think o_O). But cosmetics.... MY GOD how they love cosmetics....