Thursday, February 14, 2013

Desperately trying to make a come back....

O hai! 

It's only been like.... 8 months since I've updated my blog! I'm sorry ;__; I just totally lost my interest. Now I would love to start blogging again but I'm not sure if my enthusiasm carries that far >___< I have heard some people saying that they don't want me to stop blogging so I really want to try to start again. ...except that I'm not sure if my followers are even using Blogger anymore :DD

So... what's been going on with me during these 8 months?? uh... all kinds of things :D Since this is my Piccie Blog, I want to show you these 8 months in pictures!

On July 2012 I went to Stockholm to hang out with my cousin, and I also saw my friend Engla (in the picture) ^^ It was a very nice trip! I shopped 'til I dropped, and  drank, danced and partied 'til I dropped... :DDD It was awesome! But it kinda made me sad that my boyfriend couldn't come with me :< We had planned that we would go to Stockholm together but he had to work and there was only one week during July that was ok for my cousin so I had to go then if I wanted to see her. So meh... Oh well, the trip still kicked ass! :D

On August 1st was Ada's 1 year-birthday <3  August 8th was Adele's ^^ My babies are big girls now, 1½ year-olds!

On September we celebrated my friends' one year engagement. The theme of the party was Christmas :DDDD In this picture Miso and Saku are having a speech for all the lovely guests! :D I love you guys *-*<3

XDDDD ok so ummm... In October it was my sister's fiancé's 40th birthday and we had a huge party for him. It was so awesome :D And as you can see, we found a penis shaped mushroom! \o/ How lovely. And yeah, the party was huge, lots of alcohol, food and lovely people! And music! Gooood music. And usually when I'm partying I don't lose my memory but this time I did... x____x interesting... 

In the beginning of November I had a small Halloween party, just because I looove to dress-up! I was trying to be a sad mime :DD I also bought a gas mask (<3<3<3) and put it on my Teddy :D Not because of Halloween though, it's on him all the time :D Isn't he cute??? And about the outfit, the corset and circus-skirt is made by me.

On December I got a new tattoo. Yes, People = Shit. Why? Because fuck you, that's why! lol.. I wanted to take this text because it's so fucking true. And at the same time it's kinda a tribute for one of my favourite bands, Slipknot.

I had a very nice New Year! <3 Me and my friends booked a hotel room from Tampere and went to a bar there. It was an awesome night! ....except that my high heels were KILLING me!! I was almost crying when we walked back to the hotel XD The next day we went to eat to American Diner. omnomnom. 

So... yeah, those were the most meaningful moments for me during these 8 months :D Now, let's hope that I get my blogging enthusiasm back! 


  1. I'm so happy to see a post from you! It's been so long ^__^ Welcome back to Blogger (if you get you enthusiasm back and glad to see you've had a splendid past 8 months!
    p.s. love the tattoo!

  2. heii glad to have you back! :D I missed pictures of your adorable rats :3

    1. :D awww, I think I will start posting a lot of pictures of them again ^^