Friday, February 22, 2013

Old times

hahahaha, me and my friend laughed our asses off today. She was sending me old pictures of us, they were so hilarious :DDD ....and I look absolutely terrible in them. But I still want to share them with you guys! XD

XD I'm very interested in something but Johanna couldn't care less.

don't ask 'cos I don't know... -___-;;

:DDDDDDDDDD I'm so pwettyyyyyy

Kaunokki <3 Johanna's cat.
we look so tinyyyy <3
lol, such emos. But I do love my hair in this one!
me and my mom in Johanna's christian confirmation party :D We look like neither of us gives a rat's ass. But we're holding hands XDDD <3

My 18th birthday :DDD

These pictures were taken during 2006-2009, I think. Maybe 2005 even o_O Oh those times :DDD Me and Johanna have been doing a lot of stupid and weird things when we were little XD Like showing our bare asses on the roads to cars and laughing at my uncle's porn magazines on the attic :DDDDDDD Me and my sister have a 11 years' age difference, so we never actually fought, but me and Johanna... oh, WE DID FIGHT :DDDD hahahhah

Unfortunately, there is something that makes me very sad while writing this post. I can't remember the situations in these pictures. My mind has blocked so many memories because of my difficult childhood. So when I look at these pictures, I only remember my birthday. I don't remember anything of Johanna's confirmation party, I don't even remember being there! And everytime me and Johanna talk about the fun things we have done, almost everytime it goes like this:

"oh my god, do you remember that time when we blablablah.."
"ummm.... no... I'm sorry"

It really sucks, 'cos we did so many AWESOME things together. That's what I do remember. We laughed like crazy, and also cried, yelled and sulked at each other. I've known her since we were like.... babies o__o

This is the "newest" picture of us together. It's from my aunt's 50th birthday party cruise on 2011, it was so epic!!! It makes me sad that we don't see each other that often... ;____; We live in different cities and we hang out with totally different people so... yeah... boohoooo.

Damn. I'm good at making funny posts depressing XDDDD I'm sorry!

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