Monday, February 18, 2013

Krista a.k.a. Derpetta

....seems like my boyfriend was stalking my pictures today on FaceBook and decided to have some fun with one of them -________-;;


...ok, I lol'd as well XDDDDDDDDD It's so true, I'm a real Derpetta. I looove Rage Comics and I can relate to them very often XD aaand I can be a bit of a retard sometimes. lol. 

In this picture I'm wearing my keiko-gi and hakama. I started kendo last autumn! I like the sport, but during the last weeks I haven't been so motivated to do kendo :< I start to feel nauseous and dizzy very easily while doing sports and I can practise only half of the time every time... That's why I'm pretty embarrassed to go to the practise which makes me sad. And today I didn't go to the practise at all. I really need to gain weight, goddammit. bleh.. And there is a Japanese sensei coming to Finland, but I'm not sure if I'm going to take part to it >___< My boyfriend is pretty excited about it (he does kendo as well, but in Seinäjoki 'cos we don't live in the same city), he's gonna have Kubo-sensei's practise this Friday!

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