Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hairy museum

aaaaaaaa, I'm so glad this week is finally over x_____x (We don't have school on Fridays so my weekend starts on Thursdays, mwahaha!) Ok, this week hasn't been that stressful or hard or anything, but I'm just so excited about the coming weekend, and also about my winter holiday that starts after one week! This weekend is gonna be awesome because:

1. My sister is coming to visit me
2. My sister is gonna take me to a very nice restaurant
3. I'm gonna get a new tattoo! (as a birthday present from my sister and her fiancé)

I love my sister *_____* It's gonna be so much fun!!

This day was nice though. ...too bad I couldn't get up on time this morning so I skipped the morning classes -___-;; goddamnit. Oh well, in the afternoon I visited the Craft Museum of Finland with my classmates and teacher. It was nice, I like museums a lot!! ^^ There were exhibitions about Finnish craft making and old fashioned dresses etc, and also a bicycle exhibition o__O It was very interesting. I took a lot of pictures, I'm gonna show you some :D 

bloomers!! \o/

a cute, oldfashioned room ^^

some sort of... plant.... stuff o___o

Baby clothes!! ^^

dolls <3

bunny!! :D

a corset made of candy paper!!

Barbie dolls dressed in Finland's national outfits, so cute!! :D

bikes have maaaaany parts o___O
....I still don't get it how people were able to ride with those things.....

a shitload of bikes.
 So, yeah, I think it was an interesting tour!

After "school" I hanged out with my friends and went to the hair dresser. FINALLY. My hair was in terrible condition, it really needed some cutting... But ai has a very helthy hair nao!!


  1. Yaaaaayy you're back! ^_^
    Can't wait for your new tattoo!

    1. hhihi ^^
      mutta älä liikoja odota, se on piiiieni :DDD

  2. what lovely stuff !
    I especially want that bunny hugging the chair, the corset lamp and the squirrel sniffing his shampoo !
    hugs and squeezes ! xXx

    1. I know!! haha, yeah I fell in love with the bunny as well :D And actually the corset is not a lamp, it's a real corset!