Saturday, May 25, 2013

Eyelash fail....

Soooo, my eyelashes arrived! In time, thank god. 

Where would I start... @___@ Well, first of all, I was very satisfied with the products, they were very pretty and cute etc. The upper lashes are ok, nothing to complain about them, but the lower lashes.......... The fault isn't in the lashes, the fault is in me XD

Thank god they didn't cost much because I think I'm not gonna use them... At least not that often, maybe for some "special occasion", like in gyaru make-up or something. Gyaru make-up... on me? HHA. Never. The lower lashes just don't look good on me ;___; They made me feel very uncomfortable and they wouldn't stay still at all 'cos my eyes have this fucking leak all the time because of spring allergy -____-;; 

Here are the results, pffff...

Here's a picture with glasses on. I was planning to use the upper lashes every day, but when I actually saw them and put them on, I realized that they are way too dramatic for every day life :DD They hit my glasses all the time so it feels very uncomfortable @__@ So, I'll just use them when I go to party, lol. At least I have a shitload of party lashes now XDDD The other lower lashes looked ok and I almost learned to like them, but they just don't stay still so they made me a fucking nerve wreck.. 

yes, I know my eyebrows are fucked up -______-;; 

Here the other one is already falling off...
And here you can see the lower lashes... so uhh........ no. no, NO NO NO.

But now I feel like trying a gyaru make-up! XD Just for the lolz.... 


  1. I have the same issue :( My eyes are leaky at the corners on the bottom ALL THE TIME!
    But they look really cute on you!

    1. ahh >__< "good" to know that I'm not the only one. It's so fucking annoying!! Sometimes it's so bad that I can't even use eyeliner at all!! My eye just rejects the make-up -___-;;
      Haha, well, thanks ^^*

  2. The lashes look really good on you! I have a hard time making the lower lashes stay on for a long time.

  3. omg DO GYARU MAKEUP. I love it, it's so awesome. Especially when combined with the hair :D
    I'm probably gonna try gyaru hair on myself once. YES I'M AN IDIOT 8D

    1. Lol XDDDDDDDDDDDDD As soon as I get some sort of contact lenses. You can't really do a proper gyaru make-up without them, that's what I think >__< And the hair.... uhh. Way too much half wigs for me, I don't even know how you can do gyaru hair with your natural hair XD Or maybe I have only seen one type of gyaru hair o_O meh idk :D