Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shopping with mah mothurrrrrrr

hih, mommy bought me things! *-* ....although I feel a bit bad 'cos I don't have money to buy things myself. She wants to spoil me now 'cos she has earned so much at work :D sooo, I guess that's nice :DD We were supposed to only to go a grocery store and to look for a pair of some cheap shoes for me (I forgot to take heels with me and my sister's bachelorette party is on Saturday so I don't want to wear sneakers there :D), but the things got a bit out of hands XDDD She spent about 75€ on me .___. this is what I got in total:

Shorts 23€
Shoes 25€
Self attaching bra ("chicken filets" XD) 20€
Eyelashes 5€
Nomnoms for my babies ~3€

(ARGH. I'm very sorry about the pictures. For some reason I can't rotate them into the right position.......)

I found these shorts in Seppälä. I only have one pair of shorts, I was in a need of more. It was very nice that I found these, I think they look nice :D There also were these bright pink shorts with leopard pattern. WHY. Why not tiger/zebra pattern ;____; I hate leopard pattern... There's no way I'm gonna wear it, ever :D So, I had to leave them to the shop. I just don't understand what people see in leopard pattern, it's so ugly in clothes @___@ Zebra stripes are waaaay better <3 And snake pattern, heeheee <3

These ones are also from Seppälä. My previous "chicken filets" wore out, so I need new ones for the wedding. And for my sister's bachelorette party as well 'cos the dress I'm gonna wear there is also strapless :D I also had to buy new "party" eyelashes 'cos our cat played with one pair of mine and lost (or ate -___-;; ) the other one...... I felt so annoyed!! :D Oh well, it was my own fault 'cos I had left them on the table, meh..

And then, the things we went to look for XD The shoes! We found these in a big grocery store, CityMarket, woohoo XD I think they're pretty cute, not the shoes of my dreams, but ok. I saw a lovely pair in another store, but my mum refused to buy them for me XD They were a bit too high, I would have had to practise a bit :D But the main reason why she didn't buy then was this: "There's no way I'm gonna buy you those! You're gonna break your ankles when you're drunk!"

She's right, fuck my life...
The heels of these shoes are 8cm high, I've noticed that my maximum heel height is 10cm :DD

Last but not least: nomnoms for my rattie-girls!! <3 I'm gonna give them these the next time I go visit them, which will be next week, I hope! They are so colorful! XDD ...which mans they are veeeeery unhealthy. But oh well, it's nice to eat treats every now and then :D


  1. Hauskan näköset noi shortsit, siisti liukuvärjäys. ^^