Monday, May 20, 2013

My bridesmaid dress arrived!!

Oh my god, I just received a package from DHL which included the dress I ordered for my sister's wedding. I was so nervous to open it, I was afraid that it looks terrible or is the wrong color or something XD Luckily, All my fears were wrong *___* The dress is absolutely gorgeous, it looks exactly the same as in the picture, it's the right color and the right size :D

This is the picture on eBay:

And this is the picture I took after opening the package. It looks shapeless 'cos the lacing in the back is loose and it's hanging, but trust me, it looked good when I tried it on! I'm gonna post better pictures of my outfit after the wedding :D

Because the dress was made and arrived from China, it was crazy cheap :D 65€ including shipping! The dress itself cost only 35€ but because the shipping was DHL Express, VERY fast, the shipping costs were almost as much as the dress :D But I don't mind!

I have always been very pleased when I have ordered stuff from eBay. I still have a few packages to come, the eyelashes I ordered. I really hope they will arrive during this week, otherwise it's gonna be problematic 'cos I'm leaving Jyväskylä again >__< The post office keeps the packages for only two weeks, after that they will send it back to the seller. I really hope this won't happen 'cos I have no idea if I will get refunds then o_o argh, goddamn custom problems... Without them the eyelashes would have arrived already >___<


  1. Tuo on kyllä hienon värinen :D Ja malliltaanki kiva.

  2. Vau. :O Upea mekko, ja todella kaunis väri! ♥ Kelpais kyllä miullekkin, harmi vaan kun isoja juhlia on niin harvoin. ;)

    1. haha, kiitos!
      mutta joo, niin on! Meillä on suht pieni suku niin en oo moneen vuoteen ollu häissä o_o Eikä mitään lakkiaisiakaan oo ollu hirveesti.