Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Art painted without hands

Today I wanted to make a small post about people who I highly respect: People who make beautiful paintings by using only their mouth or feet.

There is this association for artists who paint with their feet and mouth. They have either lost their hands completely, or the hands just don't function properly, so that's why they can't paint "normally". They make all kinds of products of their paintings, like wrapping paper, post cards, puzzles, letter sets, calendars, and even replicas of other popular paintings! The paintings are absolutely stunning.

I'm not a member of the association myself, but my mother is. Yesterday she received a package of post cards she had ordered from them. They were so beautiful that I just had to take pictures of them and share them with you guys!

A Thank you -letter

Birds! <3

Package cards, I love the teddy bear *-*
I just can't believe how much PATIENCE these people have!! If I lost my hands, I would be devastated and would lose my nerves with just trying to get used to do normal daily activities with my legs. The fact that someone actually has the will and patience to also start drawing and painting, or making other kinds of crafts wihthout hands... unbelievable.

Respect. Damn.


  1. -enjaksakirjottaaenglanniksi-
    Siis mä olen kans AINA ihaillu näitä. Niin upeita. Äiti kans osti näiden ihmisten tekemiä kalentereita kun olin lapsi. Ihania. Respect!

    1. XDD ei haittaa! itseasiassa mua vaan ärsyttää jos suomalainen kommentoi suomalaiselle englanniksi.. :DDD

      jepjep *-* äiti tilaa yleensä just noita kortteja ja sitte kalentereita. Palapelejä tms ei oo koskaan meillä näkyny .__. lahjapaperit vois olla kans kivoja!