Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ring bearer's pillow

More wedding stuff! :DD sorryyy... I just wanted to show you guys a ring bearer's pillow that I made. For my sister's wedding, of course :D

I think it turned out pretty cute. I lost my nerves with it though -___-;; There were some annoying parts that were a bit hard, but I managed. I didn't have any patterns for this, I just had the image inside my head :DD

The materials are high quality, the fabrics were a bit expensive. The satin was 20€/m, and the lace was 49€/m @___@  But because it's a small pillow, it didn't become that expensive, I just needed small pieces of the fabrics so they cost only 10€ in total. The ribbon cost 50 cents and the flower-ish decoration was 3€. I had to travel all over the fucking Jyväskylä to get the right materials -___-;; Oh well, luckily I did, because I'm very satisfied with the result ^^

What do you guys think? :D