Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More shopping @ HELLsinki + holiday

Last week I was visiting Porvoo/Helsinki/Vantaa. In Porvoo I visited my uncle and his family, and after that me and my boyfriend went to Vantaa to visit his cousin's family, as always. On Thursday we went to Helsinki to do some shopping! Actually, he arrived at 2pm on Thursday and I had arrived there already at 11am, so I pretty much did my shopping alone. Meh. 

Once again. two of the pictures are in the wrong position, sorry -___-;; Stupid mofo-blogger...

Pink shorts 15€
Halloween 3, 5€
BB-cream 11€
Pink tights 7€
Black tights 10€

I have used all my foundation now, it lasted for maaaaany years 'cos I only use it when I go out to party :DD They make my face feel heavy and dirty, so I don't want to use them every single day @__@ Now I had to buy a new one, and I have heard that the BB-creams are ok so I wanted to try one as well! I bought it from Anttila. I tried this Rimmel's cream on my skin (hand), and it felt veeery soft and nice *-* I hope it does the same to my face :D We will see on Saturday! (going to party with my friends <3) 

HALLOWEEN 3!! From 1982. How lucky I was to find this one accidentally from Anttila *___* I will have them all! Sooooon... ish. 

Finally! Pink net-tights *____* I have wanted these for so long, and now I finally got them! I'm gonna wear them with normal black tights, it's gonna look epic!! 8D I would have wanted bigger holes, but Cyber Shop only had these, so I decided to buy them anyway 'cos I didn't wanna wait any longer :DDD  

These ones I bought for my sister's wedding. Which means I'm NOT gonna open the package before the wedding day, I know I'm gonna break them -______-;;; They are from Cyber Shop as well.

Aaaaand of course I had to get more shorts! :DD PINK!!! <3 I bought these from Cubus. I love that shop *___* It's not alternative fashion, but still they have a lot of lovely clothes!! They opened a store in Jyväskylä as well, which is very nice ^^

I was also supposed to buy contact lenses. I have dreamed about them for a long time as well, but I haven't bought any 'cos I'm too scared to put them in my eyes XDDD fail... This time I didn't buy them 'cos I was invited for a photo shoot in Helsinki in the end of this month. It's a modelling agency called Jade Model, that "hires" models for different kinds of commercials. Actually the agency doesn't hire anything, it's their customers that do :D I have to pay for the photos so they will put them to their websites where the customers can look at them and choose a model that they like. It's gonna be very interesting O__O I have never done any kind of modelling before so we'll see how it goes. And even if I will pay for the photos it doesn't mean I will get the gigs.. But you have to take risks in life!! :D

While I was visiting Porvoo, me and my uncle and my cousin went to a zoo, Korkeasaari in Helsinki ^^ I love that place <3 We took a shitload of pictures, almost 200 XDD I also found a new lovely animal there! GUNDI. Oh my god they're so cute ;__; 

JUST LOOK AT THEM ;_____; <3 The ears <3 hihihihi

What else what else.... I've been crocheting like crazy!!! Baby stuff <3 Unfortunately I can't show them to you yet 'cos they are kind of a wedding gift for my sister and her fiancé (they might check my blog through Facebook). and yes, I'm going to be an AUNT!!!! <3 But I will post a lot of crocheted baby clothes after the wedding XDDD 

Oh and! It's my boyfriends birthday today!! 24 years he is. We're going to the movies to watch Hangover 3. I have no idea what to expect :DDD I didn't like the second one so much... I mean, it was funny and shit but... It just didn't work :DDD And I have heard that they're not even having a bachelor party in this new movie so what's the fucking point?? Oh well, we'll see :D

oops, this post became long. Sorry! 8D


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    1. Thank you! And you're welcome :D You have very nice pages as well!

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