Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wedding gift no. 4: Baby dungaree

Here's a baby shorts dungaree! ^^

I really love the yarn in this one. It was so much fun to work with 'cos it changes color all the time! It keeps the working very interesting :D My mum bought the yarn from Lidl, so it doesn't have any special brand (the package just says Sock Yarn, lol XD), but the material is 48% cotton, 39% wool and 13% polyamid. Crochet hook I used was 3mm.

The instructions I used are from a blog called Linda's Crafty Corner. It's a very nice craft blog! You should check it out ^^

I think I put too many buttons in the legs :D But oh well, at least they stay closed! XD (wait..... that sounded so wrong.............) AND. The teddy bear in the front was so hard to find -____-;; It was very hard to find ANY fun fabric patches that can be ironed. But in the end I found some, luckily.

Right now, I'm working on another dungaree, 'cos a friend ordered one from me ^^ I use the same yarn, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna use the same green on the edging, and also I have to find another patch with a boy-theme :D Thank God Jyväskylä has a very good selection in that case :D

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