Friday, July 26, 2013

Jade Advertising Model Agency -photoshoot

I think I mentioned before that I'm gonna take part in a photoshoot that will put me in the lists of a model agency. The photoshoot was June 25th! Here are the pictures :D

Shirt - Iron Fist
Shorts - Big Point
Tights - Somewhere in Stockholm o__O
Shoes - CityMarket (lol XD)

I must say I'm not 100% satisfied with the pictures .____. I got the whole film, but the rest of the pictures are Preview-pictures, so I'm not allowed to use them. Well, I couldn't use them anyway 'cos they have this huge PREVIEW-text in the middle of the picture XD Anyway, there were SO MANY good pictures, and they decided to choose the crappy ones -____-;; I really like the last one, but the rest I would have wanted to change :DD I could order some more pictures but I don't want to spend any more money, I already paid 75€ for these four... >___< 

The photoshoot was fun though! It lasted for 30 minutes. I was very nervous 'cos I have never done any kind of modelling, I haven't even been in a studio before! Ok, I have, but I was very little back then o_O My point is, I have not been photographed by a professional so much :D The photographer gave very good instructions so I didn't feel that lost, which was good :D The most challenging part was when I was supposed to show different kind of emotions. I CAN*T ACT XD Ok, I can, but way too dramatically, so the pictures wouldn't be taken seriously :D There were two good shots though, the surprised one (the second picture above) and an angry one :D I can't act sad so seriously, so there weren't any good pictures about that, only my sulking face XD I have always been interested in acting, actually, but I've always been too shy >___< I mean, I can act goofy and dramatic in a humorous way, but if I have to act serious, sad or furious, no fucking way :D That's why the emotion part was so hard for me @___@

 I got some very good feedback from the photographer, just in case I'm gonna do more modelling someday :D She said that I did very well for a first timer, and she couldn't see that I was nervous (lol wut.) The only bad thing was, that when I was moving, I was moving to fast so she didn't have the time to take the picture XD But it feels so fucking awkward to stay still in a stupid position for several seconds XDDD pffff... 

Oh well, I'm on the website now,, but it doesn't mean that I would get any gigs :D But, it was still a very nice and interesting experience :D


  1. These look really cute ^^ but I think the last one should be more centered ;)I also think it's so cool that the modeling agency has so many different kinds of models. you don't see that anywhere in my country. The models that are advertised are all the same and you know ... to normal :D p.s. big like on the header picture is soo cute ^^

    1. Thank you! ^^* And yeah, I know what you mean :DD Some of the photos were really bad because of the positioning as well >___< The studio was really small so I guess we didn't have enough space, or the photographer just sucked XD

      Haha, yeah, I love my header <3<3<3