Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding gift no. 2: Crocheted baby sneakers

Here are the crocheted baby sneakers I have made! 

The instructions I used are in Finnish, again, but I bet there are many instructions for these in English as well! I'm gonna link the instructions anyway 'cos I have Finnish readers as well :D You can read them here

Once again, I had to adapt the instructions a little, 'cos I used different kind of yarn etc... The yarns I used were wool (black) and acryl (white). If you make these, I suggest you use cotton yarn, because it will make the sneakers more stiff. Because of my wool and acryl yarns, the sneakers became very soft, so they're more like socks :D I they still turned out good, I think :D

Oh and :D A funny thing happened. I just uploaded all the wedding gift photos to my Facebook-page, and I immediately got three orders :DDD Two beanies (see the previous post) and one dungaree (you'll see later ^^)! So, if you know someone who has a baby and would like to buy handmade clothes or toys, just let me know! I'd be happy to make them for sale ^^

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