Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sowwyyyyyyyyyy... @____@

Damn, it's been over a month since I've written here! Sorryyy >____< I've been very busy and tired and all kinds of shit, so I haven't found the energy to write, even though I have had many things to say/show you :D There was my sister's wedding, I have shopped and received new lovely stuff, and I can finally show you the baby crafts I made for my sister and her husband as a wedding gift! ^^ Also, my internship started this month and I've been to job interviews ^^

There's no way I'm gonna post all of those things this time, you'll get bored 'cos the post would be HUGE XD I haven't received all the pictures of the wedding, so I can't make a proper wedding post yet, but I have a couple of pictures to show you :D I know I promised to show you my whole outfit, but goddammit, I forgot to take pictures -______-;; I hope my father or the photographer have been good paparazzis then :DDD

The newlyweds <3

gift table

The cake decoration. The groom is dragging the shopping bride. it's PERFECT :DDD

Wedding dance <3
And now, pictures of me and my boyfriend. DANCING. Derpety derp derp.... It was fun though XD But I can't dance that well XD It was the basic waltz, so it was fine :DD The bad thing was, my feet were killing me and my dress just wouldn't stay up >_____< I was pulling it up the entire evening which was VERY annoying :DDDD If I'm going to use it as a graduation dress next year, I'm gonna make straps on it -________-;;; Anyway, you can see some of my outfit here, I just hate how shaky the pictures are... :<

The Derp -compilation XDDDD

purrr <3

So, that's all for now, I'm trying to write more, more often :DDD

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