Monday, June 11, 2012

Chapter 45: Helsinki!

I had a very nice weekend! *-* Me and my boyfriend went to Helsinki to meet his cousin's family. I was soooo excited, but at the same time bit nervous. I was thinking about what they are like and what do they think about me etc... But everything went pretty well ^^...even though I still don't know what the thought about me @__@ 'cos well, I'm special! 8D

I was so happy to see small children!!! The baby, about 4 months old, was just lovey, such an EASY baby O___O he didn't cry nearly at all, and he didn't get anxious if he was left alone for a while. He just lied down and looked at the TV or the seiling or whatever was near to him XD He was so adorable <3 The poor thing vomited on Joni once XD and I got to clean it up \o/ baaaahhh, I WANT A BABY ;__; soooooon... ish? meh. Long-ish maybe...
The other boy, my boyfriend's 2½ year old godson, wasn't calm at all XDDD He's so NOISY @____@ but still very adorable :DDD

Saturday was a great day, even thoug I was very pissed for a while... The original plans got fucked up, which really made me sad. We were supposed to go to eat with my friends, but my friend's dog is sick because of a surgery that was done a few days ago, so he couldn't be alone. Sooo, we couldn't go eat. Mira asked us to come there but we didn't have so much money and Joni didn't like the idea.. I was so pissed. I was mad at Joni and at my friends at the same time. Luckily it didn't last that long :DD me and Joni had a great day at the centre, just the two of us. I love having a boyfriend who likes to SHOP <3 We were shopping for 6 hours and when we got home in the evening we were so fucking dead.... XDD

Too bad I hadn't so much money so I couldn't shop that much... But I did buy something ^^

Bunny earphones!!! Aren't they cute!?!? *___* I've been dreaming about having pink earphones for ages 'cos my mp3 player is pink, and now I found them! WITH BUNNIES! <3<3 (well, Joni found these actually...)

Eyelashes ^^ fluffyyyyy!! I also bought a new glue 'cos I had used all of it.

mmmmm, Hostel, all of them. I love those movies <3 I was very disappointed in the 3rd one though. It had NOTHING to do with the first two. Ok, it did, but veeery distantly. It was a very good movie but it sucked because it was too different from parts 1 and 2. Me and Taru are gonna watch the first part today! ^^

lol, The most random thing was when we were walking at the centre and we saw a berry market.
"mmmmm, berries." 
Krista: those giant blueberries look delicious
Joni: yeah... Maybe we should buy some?
Krista: yeah... OMG they have raspberries as well!! And sugar peas...
Joni: yeah..
Krista: can has...
Joni: Oh fuck it, LET*S BUY ALL OF THEM.

Let's buy AAAALLL the berries!

So... the total was a shitload of berries XD Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and sugar peas :DDD The crappy thing is that I can't eat sugar peas ;;____;; I'm very allergic to them... fml. So there I was, nearly crying of jealousy while Joni was munching the peas. ;__;

On Sunday, before we had to leave, we were jumping on this giant trampoline! It was so much fun, it has been a few years since I've been doing that :D But because I'm not that heavy, my jumping was pretty boring, I couldn't jump that high, booo. But when Joni and his cousin started jumping and I was sitting in the centre, my god it was fun! XD I was flying like a fucking feather. I did hurt my feet during the bouncing though, it hurt so baaaad @___@ Oh well, it was still a lot of fun :D

It was too bad that we only had the weekend.. way too short! So, we planned to go again in August maybe, for a whole week ^^ I can't wait! The weekend sure was great. The best thing was to see Joni with children. It melted my heart *-* He's so good with them, I'm so glad to have a bf like him <3 purrr.

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