Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chapter 44: No! I'm not giving up!!!

gaaahhh, it really bothers me that I haven't had the energy to write, because I have had a lot of things to share with you guys!! ;___; I have to keep going! I can do it!!! 

So, I'm still suffering from the allergy and yesterday I had to leave work 'cos I felt so terrible. The practical training has suffered a lot from my absence, but what can I do about it?? NOTHING. NONE of the medicins is helping 'cos my condition is so bad... fml... 

@___@ damn, I really have to dye my hair today....
Lol. This was what I looked like at work yesterday before I had to leave. Not during the customers though XD pfff. The picture may be funny but this is NOT funnyyyyyy. This is like a physical depression for my body. haha, you guys probably lose your nerves soon 'cos all I'm doing is whine about my allergy. Sorry! ;___;

btw, I read in the news that some university people have invented a vaccination for allergic people. I HAVE TO GET IT. It would be an answer to my prayers, seriously.... @___@ But since it has been just invented, it may take maaany years until it's actually ready and can be given to people.... damn. And with my luck, It's gonna be fucking expensive. But even if it is, I will save money for it! It wouldn't just heal me from pollen allergy, but also food allergies. I could eat all my favourite vegetables and fruits as much as I want *_____* Time. GO FASTER ;___;

But let's change the subject. What have I been doing during the last.... week? Well, last weekend I was in Tyrnävä, a small town in Northern Finland. It was my second cousin's graduation party. It was very lovely to see her and other relatives! It had been so long... @___@ It has been one year since I saw my grandmother and uncles, and TWO years since I saw Emppu ;____; I will try to go visit them again this summer with my dad so I can spend more time with all of them. A weekend is way too short >___< 

The party was very nice, but it sucked that it was raining the whole day :< Sooo, because we couldn't be outside, all of the guests were inside, which made the house very crowded XD oh well, it wasn't so bad :D 

Me, Emppu and Veera ^^

 Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki with my boyfriend! yaaaaay!! I'm so excited!!! I just wish I felt better -____-;; Meh, anyway, I did some baby clothing shopping on Monday!!! 8DDDDD <3 

;________; This is NOT good for my baby fever... JUST LOOK AT THEM. So tinyyyyyyy.....

This trip means a lot to me because Joni's cousin and his family are the first people he introduces me to. I hope I'm gonna meet his parents soon as well :D Atleast I'm gonna introduce him to mine this summer. I was gonna introduce him to my cousin as well in Stockholm, but he got a very good job offer for June, so he's not able to go anywhere. I'm very happy that he got the offer, but of course it sucks a bit that he can't come with me to Stockholm :<

Yayyy, I'm also gonna see Petri, Mira, Mappu and Niko! ^^ I've missed theeeeem ;___;<3 And it's very important to me that Joni will meet my best friends, whether he likes them or not XDDD (He's not that social with people he doesn't know.....)

Bleh.. I have to go to the centre... I have to go to RockJet to buy some hair color and the handcuffs I've been drooling for ages. Now I'm gonna get them. mmmmmm <3 me likey. Gonna have some awesome sexytime 8D ....wait what? Too much information? sorry :D

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